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Review: Sheltering Hearts by Robyn Carr (e-book)

Sheltering Hearts by Robyn Carr
May 2010
Format: e-book (free)

First line: As Dory Finn pulled her twelve-year-old Pathfinder up the drive to her little house in the country, she noticed the engine was skipping, and something was making a very ugly noise.

Synopsis by B&N: New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr takes readers back to her beloved Virgin River country in this heartwarming tribute to Rhonda Clemons, founder of Zoe Institute and a winner of a Harlequin More Than Words award.

By discovering a seed of compassion and nurturing it to effect real change, the dedicated women selected as Harlequin More Than Words award recipients make our world a better place. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing short stories inspired by their lives and work.

This special eBook is yours at no charge because Harlequin is committed to celebrating women's efforts and supporting the causes that are meaningful to them. By sharing Rhonda Clemons' story, we hope to turn awareness into action and mobilize others to make a difference.

To find out more or to nominate a woman you know, please visit

My thoughts: This short novella by Robyn Carr is loosely part of the Virgin River series. It's a quick read that leaves you feeling quite emotional and inspired. Based on the real-life story of Rhonda Clemons, we find out all about the Zoe Institute.

Dory Finn is a single mother, trying to make ends meet and raise her two young children. Coming off an abusive relationship, she has sworn off men, and that includes her do-good neighbor Clay, who just happens to not only be a nice guy, but good-looking to boot! Dory works at the local supermarket but also does volunteer work at local women's center, a place where single women can get the support and help they need to move on with their lives. Can Dory overcome her issues and let in Clay? Is Clay willing to give Dory time to adjust to the possibility of being involved with another man?

As I mentioned earlier, this is loosely part of the Virgin River series and there are a few appearances from some well-loved characters. Mel, as a nurse practitioner and midwife, her skills are often relied upon at the shelter that Dory volunteers at. Paige is also mentioned as having used the shelter herself after her divorce.

This was a very quick read, but it still leaves its mark. Highlighting all the good shelters like the Zoe Institute do was a great idea - I never realized that there are shelters out there not only providing single mothers with the basic like food and shelter, but also workshops on everything from money management to job training. Great idea to use a story to get the word out about all the good these shelters do!

(This was a free e-book.)

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