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Welcome to Always With a Book!!! As the name implies, I always have a book with me wherever I go.

My name is Kristin and I am an avid reader. I have been ever since I can remember and I owe all that to my parents who instilled the love of reading into me and my siblings. I remember always seeing my parents reading when we were young. We always were given books - for birthdays, holidays including Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter, and for report cards. And, not just any books - my parents always were able to pick put books that would interest us - not an easy feat for 7 children at different ages with varied reading interests! 

Today, that love has continued to grow and I love nothing better than trying to foster that love of reading into my nieces/nephews and friends' kids. Even my current job came about as a way to foster that love of reading. I currently work for Literacy Volunteers, working with immigrants learning the English language.

Our wedding - Long Island, NY

I am married to a fellow avid reader and we live in NY. There is nothing we like better than perusing bookstores. While we don't tend to read the same things, we are very content spending time together, reading. Our other favorite hobby is playing Scrabble - he is much better than I am, but it's still fun to play. We actually registered for the deluxe version of the game for our wedding and got it!!!

Maddie on St. Patty's Day 2011

We also have a chocolate lab, named Maddie. We got her just after we got married in 2009 when she was 12 weeks and she loves sitting with either of us while we are reading! She is my sidekick when I spend time blogging - she sits in 'her' chair, right by my computer every day while I am on the computer.

Some of my other interests include scrapbooking, crocheting, baking, doing yoga, and walking. I am also a big fan of drinking tea and have recently starting experimenting with different types. There's nothing better than a good book and a cuppa tea!!!

I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts on books. I never imagined it to grow to what it has become today and am thankful for each and every visitor and comment. I am so thankful for the blog world - I have 'met' SO many great people that have the same book addiction that I have. It's great! My reviews aren't perfect, I just say what I feel. If I inspire you to read a certain book, then great! If not, that's ok, too.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Always With a Book and come back often!



  1. Thanks for the peek into your personal world. Your wedding was beautiful. And the chocolate lab is gorgeous.

    There is nothing better than sharing your life with someone who enjoys many of the same things you do.


  2. I loved reading and learning a little bit about you today. I too love reading, and it really is my favorite pastime. The wedding picture is lovely and is such a wonderful memory of your special day.

  3. I too live on L.I. - in Suffolk Cty near MacArthur airport.

  4. Hi! It was so lovely to find book blogger who has too Labrador :) I have them since 1984 :) Now we have 6 yrs black Lab Rita. We lost for cancer our 2,5 yrs old black Labrador Siiri last October... we still miss her so much ♥ I work in the bookshop and I love all about books (including dogs, nature,culture etc.) So here is the link to my English book blog which I started few days ago (I have also book blog in Finnish which is my mother tongue) http://kirsimaarit.blog.com/

  5. Hi Kristin. I too love reading and drinking tea while engrossed in my favorite book. It's so great that your parents instilled a love of reading in you and your siblings at an early age. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY so I am very familiar with Long Island. It's so true how nice it is to find like-minded bloggers!! Happy Reading.

  6. Very nice meeting you tonight. I will follow your blog


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