Saturday, January 22, 2011


If you have installed IntenseDebate on your blog and you are using the blogger platform - do you  have any tips for easy installation? I tried installing it earlier, thought it was working, and then realized that posts were showing up with no way to comment on, old comments were not showing up - basically a total disaster. I uninstalled it and am back to using blogger's default system, but really want to have the ability to respond to each comment - any ideas???

Any and all feedback is much appreciated!!!


  1. I wish I could help - I insallted intense debate and it worked perfectly. Maybe try again?

  2. Thanks Becky...I'm wondering if the problem is that I have a customized blogger layout - maybe it doesn't work with that? I'm so tired right now - I'll have to try again tomorrow after a good night's sleep! Thanks for reaching out - your blog is one of the one's I looked at prior to trying to install.

  3. I put a html under posts and put it there not sure if it helps I know when I did it it didn't work for older comments but worked for future comments not sure if that helps.


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